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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After You're Legal

  1. Establish what staff members you will need. Create a list of positions that are needed to run your organization. For example, a small non-profit organization will need an office manager, a fundraiser, a marketing specialist, and an executive director.
  2. Select the location of your office and buy equipment and furniture.
  3. Set up the office.
  4. Recruit your staff. Local unemployment agencies are an excellent resource. Referrals from board members and advertising in local classifieds are also an option.
  5. Review resumes and look for applicants that have the critical skills needed for each position.
  6. Set up interviews with your top applicants and invite board members to participate in the interview process.
  7. Interview the selected applicants.
  8. Confirm the applicants’ experience.
  9. Contact references. This step is very important! Don't skip it.
  10. Hire the best of the best. If you haven’t found the best, repeat the search process---don’t settle!
  11. Train your staff.
  12. Develop a fundraising plan. Solicit outside help if you need to.
  13. Launch your fundraising program.
Next time…Developing your fundraising plan.


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